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New Domestic Violence Law Will Make Coercive Control Illegal

The UK government plans to unveil a new law this week which will make it illegal for a person to exert ‘coercive’ control over their partner. The Home Secretary. Theresa May, is expected to announce new powers which would allow police to prosecute those who are guilty of emotional or psychological abuse. This means that,

Ankle Bracelets for Domestic Violence Offenders

Over the years, there have been many different methods put in place to combat domestic violence, but despite these varied options, there are still a great many incidents taking place. Now, offenders in Victoria, Australia might have a new type of deterrent put to use. If approved, this GPS-based technology would keep track of high-risk

How to Recognize Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is a widespread problem, and sometimes it goes undetected because people don’t see the subtle signs that it exists within their family or the family of someone they know. The biggest sign is fear, fear of your partner. If you always have the feeling that you have to watch the things you do